Friday, August 4, 2017

A Helping Hand

     I was in Japan during this April and I had a pleasant experience. We, my wife and I, came back from Nara to Tokyo (where we were based) at around 11:00 p.m. It was raining heavily and though it was just a walking distance to the hotel that we were put up, we decided to take a taxi. We had to cross the road to flag one, but none would stop; there were only a few of them passing. I then saw a young boy with an umbrella standing and I asked him if there was a taxi stand nearby. He told me that there wasn't and went out in the rain to try and flag one down. He couldn't and so he came back and showed us a traffic signal nearby and said that we might be able to catch one that stops for a red light. He came along with us to the signal and in spite of our refusal, insisted on giving us his umbrella and left. The Japanese are very helpful.
     There was also another incident of such a kind when, at one of the places that we went of visit we couldn't locate a restroom. There was an old lady in a shop to whom we asked if there was one nearby. She immediately left the shop (she was running it all by herself), took us to the nearest restroom which was some 100 meters or more and then left. I doubt if anybody anywhere else would have done such a thing.
     Most of the places that we visited were temples and here are some pictures that I took.

Here is a picture of a Just Married couple.

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