Friday, November 19, 2010

Squirrel In A Concrete Jungle

These are two pictures I took today. Just like the butterflies and the dragonflies in a concrete jungle, it was really beautiful to watch the fellow in action. The first picture is of the fellow near the lamppost and the next is a more closer shot. The fellow disappeared into the gap between the two buildings and probably has a mate or a nest there.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wages Of Sin?

Read an article on why God allows evil. The writer subscribes this to the sins that we commit. I do not subscribe to this view. If this is the reason, then why do children suffer? A couple of days back two children, a boy(7) and girl (11) - his sister - were kidnapped. The girl was raped and both the children were murdered - the boy was drowned. This is not the only incident of its kind. Some time back some small children who were watching a movie in China were burnt to death. What were their sins?
This brings us to the question of "karma". You suffer for the sins committed in your past life and as such there seems to be some truth in the concept of rebirth. The Christians say there is no rebirth. Is this concept correct? Or is the concept of rebirth subscribed to by the Hindus correct?


Yesterday (05.11.10) was Deepavali (Light Festival) when people buy new clothes for themselves and their children an go out on visits and on outings to films and fun places. I went to a friend's (wife's colleague) seashore bungalow and then for a movie Uthamaputhiran (a very good man). A lighthearted comedy worth seeing to pass away the time. Had lunch at a food court. Spent some time on the beach and took pictures of some riff-raff. Rested, set off some fire works (nothing spectacular), had a buffet dinner and returned home.

Shells Attached To A Piece Of Driftwood
  Helmet Washed Ashore
A Crab Scurrying Back Home

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