Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Abandoned Dogs

The two photos that are shown are taken from the video of the song "Streets of London" and show two homeless poor men with their dogs. The pictures clearly show the love these men have for their dogs. But here in Chennai I see a lot of dogs abandoned by their owners; dogs with quite costly collars on them. These people who abandoned these dogs are idiots who do not have the sense to leave them with the Blue Cross if they do not know how to look after them. I just can not understand why they buy them (or may they got them for free and so do not know their value) and then abandon them. The plight of these abandoned dogs is very saddening. Height of callousness.

These dogs are happy with their poor homeless masters who, I bet, share whatever little they get for themselves. People just don't understand that dogs are wonderful animals.

Here is the link to the song if you want to listen to it:

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