Wednesday, December 9, 2015


     The city of Chennai, where I live, received extremely heavy rainfall practically cutting off the city from the rest of India. Road, Rail and Air services were totally shut down. Against a normal rainfall of some 357.8 mm the city received some 537 mm - a 60% more rainfall over the normal. Some places received  nearly 50 mm. of rain in an hour. More than 260 people lost their lives. The financial loss is estimated to be above Rs. 15,000 crores (approx. $230 million). The loss to property, livestock and cultivation is yet to be assessed.
     Here are some pictures of the devastation -

An Aerial View - In Some Places The Water Level Came Up To A Height Of Two Floors.

Even an idol of a god was not spared

Some people did save their pets, some didn't.

Total Submersion of Cars and Autos

Indian Creativity - You Just Can't Beat Them

Having A Grand View

     Youngsters, NGOs, Policemen, Army and Naval personnel did a yeoman's rescue work.
     The heavy rainfall was attribute to the "El Nino" effect but the flooding was due to other reasons.

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