Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cheryl Baker - The Wind Beneth My Wings (Cinderella).

This is another clip from the episode of "Cinderella" from the Serial "Fairy Tale Theater" which is not a production of Shelley Duvall. Anybody with any idea as to where I can get the complete episode. I've been trying to get it for the past 15 years or more. This is thanks to Paul Silence who posted it on YouTube. There are some more clips on YouTube if you care to see them. They are awesome, a lot more better than Shelley Duvall's production - in my humble opinion. Yossi Brauman has also posted some clips. Thanks to both of them I can now see at least some of the episode. Here are the links -
A Clip of Cinderella
Cheryl Baker - Cinderella Part 1
Part of Cinderella from Fairy Tale Theater - I really love this clip
Part of Cinderella 2
I hope you like them. If you want to see some of the videos that I posted on YouTube here is the link
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