Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dangers of homonyms

     I know of another example of the dangers of homonyms. Mr. Attlee is only known to have made one joke in the course of a long and honourable career.

     At a Pilgrim dinner he spoke of a certain village in rural England where there was a fine old church falling into disrepair, where no money was forthcoming to keep it from ruin. At length, by good fortune, an immensely rich American discovered that his family came from that village and he thereafter supplied the funds for the restoration of the sacred edifice. The Vicar, in a eloquent prayer expressed his gratitude to Providence saying, "O Lord, we thank Thee that in our hour of need, Thou hast sent us this succour".

     What the benefactor thought I leave to your imagination.

This is also taken from the "The Collected Stories of Bertrand Russel" which I mentioned in a previous post.

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