Friday, January 21, 2011


The boy living in the house opposite to mine is getting married the day after tomorrow at Raichur in the State of Karnataka. They are leaving for Raichur tomorrow and before that they went to a Jain temple nearby today. The boy rides a horse up to the temple. Here are some pictures taken before the boy left for the temple taken in front of his home.
The Horse The Boy Is Going To Ride

Some Small Boys Who Had Come To Watch

The Band Playing Music

The Horse Decked Out In Fineries

The Bridegroom Coming Out Of His Home

The Bridegroom Mounted On The Horse

A Tray Of Kukumum (A Red Powder) Etc. That Will Be Put As A Spot On The Bridegrooms Forehead By His Women Relatives As A Blessing

The Horse Being Fed With Corn Cobs Provided By The Bridegroom's Family

After the blessing ritual is over the bridegroom will ride over to the temple and then return to his home. Tomorrow they will leave for Raichur where the wedding will take place. Later on on the 25th. there will be a reception for the bride and the bridegroom at Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu, the birth place of the bridegroom. And that will be the end of the celebrations.

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