Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here are some anagrams that I'd collected over the years.

A Decimal Point = A'm A Dot In Place
A Domesticated Animal = Docile, As A Man Tamed it
A Gentleman = Elegant Man
A Shoplifter = Has To Pilfer
A Telescope = To See Place
Achievements = Nice, Save Them
Action Man = Cannot Aim
Actor Sylvester Stallone = Very Cool Talentless Star
Animosity = Is No Amity
Apple Products = Support Placed
Apple, Inc = Epic Plan
Astronomer = Moon Starer
Astronomers = No More Stars
Austin Powers = Power Us Satin
Barbie Doll = Liberal Bod
Baseball = Babes All
Beavis and Butthead = Thus, Be A Bad Deviant
Belgium = Big Mule
Breasts = Bra Sets
Bruce Springsteen = Creep Brings Tunes
Chemistry = Shit, Me Cry
Christina Aguilera = Ugly Satanic Hair
Christine = Nice Shirt
Christmas = Trims Cash
Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
Clothespins = So Let's Pinch
Comfort Is = Microsoft
Confessional = On Scale Of Sin
Conversation = Voices Rant On
Dancing With The Stars = Winners Had Tight Acts
Darling I Love You = Avoiding Our Yell
David Letterman = Nerd Amid Late TV
Debit Card = Bad Credit
Debit Card = Bad Credit
Desperation = A Rope Ends It
Dick Cheney = Needy Chick
Dormitory = Dirty Room
Election Results = Lies - Let's Recount
Eleven Plus Two = Twelve Plus One
Elvis = Lives
Evangelist = Evil's Agent
Flamethrower =  Oh! Felt Warmer
Frito Lay = Oily Fart
Funeral = Real Fun
Garbage Man = Bag Manager
Gene Simmons = Immense Song
George Bush = He Bugs Gore
George W Bush = He Grew Bogus
Goodbye = Obey God
Graduation = Out In A Drag
Guinness Draught = Naughtiness Drug
Hot water = Worth Tea
Howard Stern = Retard Shown
I Hate School = Oh! So Ethical
Ipod Lover = Poor Devil
Jennifer Aniston = Fine In Torn Jeans
John Mayer = Enjoy Harm
Justin Timberlake = I'm A Jerk But Listen
Ladybug = Bald Guy
Laxative = Exit Lava
Listen = Silent
Madonna Louise Ciccone = One Cool Dance Musician
Margaret Thatcher = That Great Charmer
Mel Gibson = Big Melons
Microsoft Windows = Sown In Discomfort
Microwave = Warm Voice
Mother-in-Law = Woman Hitler
Narcissism = Man's Crisis
No Admittance = Contaminated
Pre Calculus = Call Up Curse
Presbyterian = Best In prayer
President Bush = Burnished Pest
President W = Newest Drip
Princess Diana = End Is A Car Spin
Ronald Wilson Reagan = Insane Anglo Warlord
Saddam Hussain = Humans Sad Side
San Francisco Giants - Fascinating, No Scars
Santa Monica = Satanic Moan
Schoolmaster = The Classroom
Sherlock Holmes = He'll mesh crooks
Sheryl Crow = Her Slow Cry
Shower Time = Where Moist
Slot Machines = Cash Lost In Me
Snooze Alarms = Alas! No More Zs
Spice Girls = Pig Slices
Statue of Liberty = Built To Stay Free
Stupid Girl = Drips Guilt
T.S. Eliot = Toilets
Television Programming = Permeating Living Rooms
The Apple Macintosh = Machines Apt To Help
The Cincinnati Reds = Indecent Christian
The Country Side = No City Dust Here
The Earthquakes = That Queer Shake
The Eyes = They See
The Meaning of Life = The Fine Game Of Nil
The Morse Code = Here Come Dots
The Simpson's = Men's Hot Piss
The Titanic Disaster = Death, It Starts In Ice
The United States Of America = Attaineth Its Cause, Freedom
Tom Cruise = So I'm Cuter
Vegetarian = Ate In Grave
Waitress = A Stew, Sir?
Western Union = No Wire Unsent
Year Two Thousand = A Year To Shut Down

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