Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Kill Our Children

There was a news report in the  Hindu (India) where, during the course of a hearing regarding police encounter deaths, the learned judges were reported to have asked that the children of India should not be killed. But we are already, not literally but practically, killing our children. There is pollution everywhere - pollution of the atmosphere, the water and noise pollution etc. At least that is what the children of the major cities are being subjected to. And that is what is harming them. The forests are being denuded and no re-afforestation is being carried out resulting in climate changes causing floods and droughts, extreme heat and chill weather. We are not exactly killing our children but we are slowly but surely destroying their legacy.

The kind of earth that future generations are going to inherit, the way things are going on, makes one shudder - and a majority of us are not bothered about it.

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