Monday, January 23, 2017

The Escapades of the Jallikattu Bull "Appu"

This is the sport that the people of Tamil Nadu in India are fighting for. The sport has been banned by the Supreme Court of India on the grounds that it is cruelty to the animal. A colossal peaceful protest for the repealing of the Supreme Courts ban is going on in Chennai (the capital city of Tamil Nadu) with the wholehearted active participation of people from every walk of life - men, women, boys, girls and even children - rich and poor alike. The protest is being spearheaded by the student population without allowing anybody to take credit for it. The protest is peaceful. You might even be interested to know that even women who have lost their husbands or sons (it happens sometimes) insist that the sport should be held. This is a sport that has been going on for ages.
See how they revere the bull (its name is "Appu") and give it a royal farewell on its passing away.
Please show it to others, share it, comment on it so that the world knows what this sport is, not that the world does not know about it. A little more support will go a long way.
This request is specifically for my regular viewers like the viewer from Mountain View and others.
Thank you.

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