Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old Film

Last night I saw the film "Hello Mr. Zamindar"(A Tamil movie). A zamindar is something like a county Lord. I was seeing the film after a lapse of some 46 years. There is nothing much about the film that will warrant it an Oscar or a BAFRA but even after a lapse of such a long time, the film was still watchable.
The story line is quite simple - there is a mix up in the sons of the Zamindar and the actual successor to the title works as a barber. The mix up is discovered but the villain of the piece, the manager of the Zamindar's estate tries to drive out the original successor and succeeds in doing so. But the man who was brought up as the Zamindar's son is an honest man and refuses to accept the title. Everything subsequently falls into place and all live happily after.

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