Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Exciting Test

This is a small test that I came across long time back. It has only four (4) questions, and you will be surprised about the results. I will publish the results in the next blog. By that time I hope that you have got your answers ready and jotted down. Please Follow the Instruction.


CAUTION ! Answer the questions step by step. Read on slowly and WRITE down your answers after careful thought. This is a serious questionnaire and will tell you a lot about yourself.

Question 1.
Place the following animals in an order according to your preference.
Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse and Pig.

Question 2.
Write a word that qualifies / describes each of the following.
Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee and Ocean

Question 3.
Think about someone (who knows you and is important to you) that can be related to the
following colours (do not repeat your answer). Name only one person per colour.
Yellow, Orange, Red, White and Green.

Question 4.
Write down your favourite number (between 1 and 9 both inclusive)

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